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Stay Fit While Recovering From Injury

How Do You Stay Fit After Injury? We have a results-oriented population here at SSOR.  Our team of physical therapists see people that lead active, healthy lifestyles and have specific goals in mind when they come see us.  Whether they are competitive or recreational athletes or just want to stay in shape, injury and surgery […]

Sitting Posture Tips

Try These Things to Improve Sitting Posture We see lots of patients here complaining of back, neck, and shoulder pain and many times, a contributing factor is sitting posture.  It’s affecting people of all ages nowadays though because we’re just a sitting society now.  Everyone is huddled in front of computers or devices for much […]

Stretching: Before or After Activity?

When Should You Do Stretching Exercises? A majority of our patients here are an active bunch.  They lead active, purposeful lives and do a wide array of physical activities.  They’re always asking us about stretching.   Routintely, we get asked how long to hold stretches, when to do them, and which ones to do.  For […]

How to Treat a Pulled Muscle

DIY for a Pulled Muscle We have an active, results-oriented population here at SSOR.  Our patients are competing in many different activities, whether it’s recreationally, competitively, or just to stay in shape.  Elite athletes pull muscles just like “regular Joe’s” do.  The difference is that many regular Joe’s don’t have their sport as their job! […]

Spencer Ware Injury Rehabilitation

Chiefs RB Spencer Ware Injury – PCL and LCL The Chiefs had a tough start to their season last week when they lost running back Spencer Ware to a significant knee injury.  We always hear about the dreaded ACL injury, but Spencer Ware actually tore his posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and his lateral collateral ligament […]

Treatment Tips for Headaches

Exercises for Headaches We have lots of patients come through here with a long history of headaches and often a long history of failed treatments or treatments with transient effectiveness.  Multiple chiropractic treatments, massages, injections, holistic approaches, dietary changes, and who knows what else to get relief.  SSOR has become a resource for numerous practices […]

Salvador Perez: Intercostal Strain

Salvador Perez Injury: Intercostal Strain Royals All-Star catcher and fan favorite Salvador Perez recently went on the disabled list for an “intercostal strain.”  As of now, he’s on the 10-day disabled list.  At first glance, you might be thinking, “C’mon Salvy, it’s a rib muscle! How serious can it be?”  So what’s the deal with […]

Golf after Rotator Cuff Repair

When Can You Golf After Rotator Cuff Repair? We have a results-oriented population here at SSOR and our clientele expect to be as functional or better than they were prior to surgery.  Our patients are active and want to live an active lifestyle when formal rehab is complete.  Rotator cuff repairs are a common procedure […]

Household Items That Sub for Weights

No Weights at Home? Household Items Work! Home exercise programs are essential and an integral part of each and every patient that walks through the door here.  Whether it’s stretching, mobility exercises, strengthening, daily activity modifications, or any combination of the above, our ideal patients take ownership of their problem and look to us to […]

The One Thing All Patients Expect

One Thing that Matters to Most Patients People have lots of reasons why they make the decisions they do – cost, location, past experience, word of mouth, convenience, just to name a few.  When choosing a physical therapist, patients of course expect results, competence, convenient location and scheduling, affordability, and a likable treating physical therapist. […]