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Back and Neck Issues

Many back and neck surgeries are due to a traumatic event of some kind – a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, or an injury from lifting something. However, many people have surgery after one or many unsuccessful rounds of physical therapy for pain. Unfortunately, patients are often worse after surgery, many times because they did not address the causes of the condition that lead to their surgery beforehand. Our spine physical therapists are skilled at determining the cause of your pain as well as the solution.

People that have back and neck surgeries for reasons other than trauma often have a long history of episodes that lead to their current state. Their pain can cause fear of movement resulting in inactivity. Inactivity coupled with inability to move can lead to more injuries from seemingly innocuous activities. Over time, people become less flexible, more weak, and progressively more inactive. One of our main objectives is to gradually get you moving again and reduce fear-avoidance behaviors that have contributed to your pain over the years.

Our spine physical therapists will perform a host of soft tissue and spinal mobilization techniques to help restore your mobility as the surgery will permit. Once mobility is restored, we will work with you on improving muscle length and strength. Various stretching and myofascial techniques will complement a comprehensive core stabilization and total body strengthening program, which will reduce pain, improve function, and reduce disability from your back or neck surgery.

A secondary objective is to improve your overall fitness to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Many activities can be done safely and effectively after back and neck surgery; we’re here to help you determine what’s the most sensible for your needs.

Our spine physical therapists will also teach you pain management strategies and what to expect with pain following back or neck surgery. Many times, pain levels are markedly reduced, but not eliminated as a patient may expect. We help you understand the extent your pain will and will not limit you from doing what you want to do. We will help you stand, sit, sleep, work, and lift better to keep pain to a minimum and ensure that your condition doesn’t worsen. We’ll also teach you how to reduce the likelihood of a flare up and make sure you know exactly what to do if one occurs.

Don’t accept a life relegated to the couch after back or neck surgery when there is hope to resume a normal, active lifestyle. Please give us a Buy Xanax Medication Online so we can help you achieve your goals.

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