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Which Desk Chair is Best for You?

Desk Chair vs. Sitting Ball vs. Standing Desk vs. Treadmill Desk – Which is best? We get asked all the time not only about workstation ergomomics and positioning, but also about which desk chair is best.  People just sit these days – a lot – at their jobs and it can lead to a myriad […]

Home Remedy for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Do-It-Yourself Home Remedy for Sciatic Nerve Pain We have lots of people that come see us for hip and glute pain.  Many times, “Dr. Internet” tells them that’s sciatica.  In many cases that is true.  If you experience restless sitting and standing due to leg pain and/or numbness, it may be sciatica or sciatic nerve […]

Teens Athletes & Nutritional Supplements

Should Your Teenager Take Supplements? We get asked lots of questions from athletes and parents about various products to help their son or daughter improve performance or get a little extra benefit from all their hard work in the weight room.  They think being a little faster or a little stronger will make them a […]