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High Ankle Sprains

Physical Therapy for High Ankle Sprains We posted a blog recently about inversion ankle sprains, the more common and usually much less painful ankle sprain.  However, there is another type of ankle sprain, the “high ankle sprain” or otherwise known in sports medicine circles as the “syndesmotic  ankle sprain.”  High ankle sprains account for only […]

10 Tips for Personal Trainers from a Sports Physical Therapist

Tips for Personal Trainers From a Sports Physical Therapist Dan did a talk recently at a local fitness facility at the request of the personal training director on sharing some common mistakes that personal trainers make with their clients or injuries we see as a result of some training practices.  We also talked about some […]

Acclimatizing Athletes to the Summer Heat

Heat Acclimatization for the Athlete “Two-a-days” will be starting soon at high schools across Kansas City to prepare for the football season.  Many kids have spent the summer inside in the climate-controlled atmosphere and as a result, aren’t adequately prepared to withstand the sometimes oppressive heat.  Some succumb to the heat and suffer heat illnesses […]