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Teaching Proper Squat Form

PROPER SQUAT: INTRODUCTION If there was one exercise that all people need to perfect is the squat – athletes or not.  I’m not necessarily talking about putting a bar on your back and doing maximal effort squats.  I’m alluding to simply performing sit to stand from a chair, or getting on/off the toilet with proper […]

A key to unlocking the mystery of low back and neck pain

There are a host of reasons for low back and neck pain, but one of the first things I evaluate is a person’s ability to breathe properly.  Before you think I’m crazy, there really is something to this.  It may seem odd to rethink something as rudimentary as breathing, but we have to. When you […]

Tip for improving sitting posture

Computer Posture The Problem A lot of people have aching backs by the end of a long work day from sitting too long or spending too much time at the computer.  This pain doesn’t discriminate either – men, women, young, and old. The Solution One tip I always give people that see me for back […]