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Rehab Before Knee/ACL Surgery or Total Knee Replacement: Is It Necessary?

Exercises Before Knee Surgery We see many people before knee surgery for what we like to call “prehab,” or rehab exercises to prepare you for surgery.  It’s interesting how there is a discrepancy even among physicians about whether or not it’s necessary to do exercises before knee surgery.  So what does the data tell us? […]

How to Treat a Pulled Muscle

How to Treat a Pulled Muscle   There are many misconceptions about how to treat a pulled muscle.  We’re experts in the treatment of pulled muscles here and sports physical therapists should be your first choice in treating them.  There are varying degrees of severity of pulled muscles, so these suggestions have some caveats to […]

Proper Snow Shoveling Technique

How to Shovel Snow It’s that time of year.  We got our first snow fall yesterday.  Let’s just say snow shoveling keeps the physical therapists at SSOR busy!  Numerous injuries can result from poor snow shoveling technique.  So, who better than to share with you how to shovel snow properly than a physical therapist? Gotta […]