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Physical Therapy for Concussion

Do you or your child struggle to focus; suffer headaches while reading, studying, or while in class; suffer from dizziness or nausea with change of position; or struggle riding in the car or playing video games?

As a health care community, we understand far more about concussions now than we used to. The definition of concussion has evolved and the treatment has followed suit.

Concussion Treatment at SSOR

Physical therapy for concussion is largely focused on soft tissue and cervical manual therapy techniques to re-establish normal motion. We do a comprehensive assessment of vision, balance, and vestibular systems in order to get a clear clinical picture. Our team of physical therapists knows how to find the source of the problem and devise a plan to get you back to life, work, school, and play.

We will work closely with your physician to coordinate a return-to-play protocol and provide you with a sound, structured program to maximize physical and cognitive readiness for return to sport. Our physical therapists have taught other PTs how to manage concussion, and we’ve even treated the highest-level athletes. We can help you; give us a call.