Knee Pain

Knee Issues

Knee Pain Physical Therapy at SSOR

We see lots of people with knee pain at SSOR. Whether you have general knee pain or you recently had surgery, we’re confident our approach is unparalleled. We’ll do a thorough evaluation, then construct a knee rehabilitation plan that suits you and your needs.

Many times, knee pain is due to problems in other areas. Our team of physical therapists will find the source of your knee pain and any contributing factors, and rehabilitate you with our combined approach of manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and targeted exercises.

SSOR is home to Kansas City’s only fellowship-trained physical therapist for the knee and shoulder – that means we have a greater level of expertise when dealing with knee pain and shoulder pain compared to our competitors. Even if you had physical therapy before with limited or no success, we’re confident that you’ll get a refreshing perspective on how to reduce your knee pain.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

We’ve seen it all here at SSOR – anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions, meniscus repairs, knee “scopes,” MPFL reconstructions, knee replacements, and a host of cartilage restoration procedures. We understand the biology of healing and what it takes to get you walking again and back doing the things you love. We have a systematic, progressive approach with specific goals set in place to take the guesswork out of your post-operative physical therapy. Our approach is “first this, then this” so you can be confident that you know where you are and where you are headed.

Before returning to sports, the more active patient will receive a detailed, thorough lower extremity testing profile. You will not be released before you’re ready, but when both you and your physical therapist are confident that you can perform at a safe and effective level to prevent re-injury.

It would be a privilege to partner with you in your care. Give us a call! Remember, you don’t need a referral from a physician to see a physical therapist in Kansas.