Meniscus Tears

Knee Issues

Meniscus tears can be debilitating. The pain can be excruciating and can limit the ability to walk and live your life. Some meniscus tears are not repairable, but others can be, depending on where the tear is. Meniscus repair rehab takes patience and persistence, and the physical therapists at SSOR know how to help you recover.

What causes a meniscus tear?

The menisci are fibrocartilage structures in your knee that act to increase joint congruency and distribute shock/forces. For the most part, meniscus tears happen when there is a combination of loaded twisting. For example, an athlete may tear a meniscus cutting on the field, or a person may tear a meniscus working in the garden returning from a deep squat. Usually, there is severe pain in the knee and dysfunction results.

Should I have surgery?

Unless you are a more mature patient who likely has degenerative tears from aging that are asymptomatic, you probably either need a knee arthroscopy or a meniscus repair for your pain and limited ability. To be a candidate for surgery, your tear should extend into the part of the meniscus that has blood flow: the outer 1/3rd.

Meniscus Repair Rehab at SSOR

Once we get your physician’s protocol, we’ll do a thorough evaluation to make sure we address any deficits that may have lead to your tear. You may be non-weight bearing for a period of time and then progressively increase weight, or you may be locked in a brace and bear weight as tolerated. Regardless, you will do no squatting/leg pressing/stairs/lunges for about 6 weeks. We’ll focus initially on maximizing your motion and re-establishing your quadricep control, as well as controlling swelling and pain. Most people can get back to work relatively quickly, but those with a more active lifestyle can expect anywhere from 4-6 months of recovery total.

It would be a privilege to partner with you in your care after meniscus repair. Give us a call!