Running Gait Analysis

Whether you’re training for a race, running to stay fit, or want to run to get back in shape after a history of injury, if you’re seeking to prevent or stop pain, the sports physical therapists at SSOR are here to help. We are Kansas City’s most trusted source for comprehensive and individualized assessment and treatment to help you maximize your physical capabilities.

Side view of running analysis depicting heel strike pattern

Rear view of video analysis showing degree of pelvic drop.
Excessive pelvic drop leads to running injuries.

After a thorough biomechanical and physical assessment, we will perform a video gait analysis of your running form. We will then provide you with an exercise plan to get you back running again not only with minimal to no pain, but also more efficiently and effectively. We’ll tailor a specific plan to your weaknesses and/or limitations to help make sure you not only run well, but also avoid having to see us for physical therapy. Plus, we’ll teach you ways to manage pain better if it does surface.

We are passionate about finding the true cause of your dysfunction and giving you the tools to get back on the road. Please call for details.

Hip mobility exercise for runners to improve hip external rotation

Mobility exercise for runners to improve hip internal rotation