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Running Injuries

Exercises for Running Injuries

Most running injuries result from chronic overuse. Fortunately, running injuries are not only preventable, but very treatable. Whether your are a recreational runner or a competitive marathoner, you can have confidence that the SSOR approach will provide a fresh perspective while comprehensively treating and teaching you to manage your running injury.

The SSOR Approach

After obtaining a thorough history, our sports physical therapists will perform a complete head-to-toe biomechanical assessment to determine the factors that might have put you at risk for your running injury and explain to you how to prevent or minimize the risk of recurrence. We have a unique understanding of how deficits in one region may be the source of your pain elsewhere. We’ll talk about pre-running activities to properly warm-up, tips to reduce the risk of injury, and ways to reduce pain and minimize flare-ups after running.

Regardless of the location of your pain, the lower leg and hip are often the source. Whether you are seeing us for Achilles tendinitis, IT Band Friction Syndrome, stress fractures, or shin splints, our sports physical therapists will use specific evaluation techniques and treatments to fix these problems and help make sure that they don’t keep you off the road or from finishing the race.

Our treatments are primarily focused on hands-on soft tissue techniques to address potential sources of pain, and specific exercises to strengthen areas that are found to be the cause of your condition. Many runners falsely believe that strength training will slow them down or make them bulky, but our sports physical therapists are skilled at providing exercises that not only improve your strength but also your running economy so you can run at a greater pace for a longer period of time with less fatigue.

We’ll also show you a host of stretches to enhance your flexibility. Many runners say they stretch, but our sports physical therapists will show you minor modifications to your stretches to maximize their effectiveness.

Even if you’ve had physical therapy before, we’re certain our approach will provide a refreshing perspective on your injury. Give us one visit to show you the difference.