• Young Athletes

Young Athletes

Conditions in Young Athletes

      • Apophysitis
      • Sinding-Larsen-Johansson (SLJ) Syndrome
      • Jumper’s Knee
      • Knee Pain
      • Shoulder Pain
      • Little League Elbow
      • Little League Shoulder
      • Tendinitis

Treatment for Young Athletes

Kids today are playing sports year-round, and as a result, chronic, overuse sports injuries are on the rise.

Going to the doctor’s office can be intimidating and scary for a child. Our sports physical therapists are sensitive to that and evaluate and treat a young athlete accordingly. Our approach is friendly, non-threatening, and fun. We’ll explain our findings in easy to understand terms so your child understands the “hows” and “whys” of their sports injury. In addition, our sports physical therapists will ensure that you as a parent understand not only how your child got hurt, but how we can prevent or minimize the risk of the injury returning.

Physical Therapy at SSOR

  1. We focus on increasing muscle strength to effectively provide better “shocks” for young athletes. Most youth sports injuries are from overuse. Kids are running and jumping like crazy, but often don’t have the baseline, foundational level of strength for their young bones and muscles to sustain the forces.
  2. We help young athletes learn how to control their bodies. Many injuries occur because kids struggle to control jumping and landing forces; for example, many knee injuries are caused from poor landing mechanics that result in poor lower extremity alignment. Our sports physical therapists teach kids how to perform these critical movements safely and effectively. Your child will return to sport stronger and more efficient, at an advantage over their peers.
  3. We will teach your child about proper stretching techniques and pain management, and discuss how bracing and taping may help them. We’re here as an authority to reinforce what many parents are already trying to teach.

Please give us a call so we can help get your child back to their sport healthy, safely, and hopefully, at a higher level of performance.