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5 Exercises for Runners

Hip Strength Exercises for Runners

We have a results-oriented population here at SSOR.  Many of our patients are “off the street” and have specific goals that they need our help with.  Heck, many of our patients come just a few times, visits spread out over several weeks, and then we cut ’em loose.  One of those very results-oriented groups we see a ton of are runners.  We know that runners loathe being taken off the road so we do everything we can to keep them on the road and running as healthy as possible.  In regards to running injuries, the pendulum is fortunately swinging in favor of physical therapy and changing the mindset of runners that a comprehensive strength training program is an integral part of a multi-modal approach to maintain running health.  In the past, runners were terrified to do strength training because they feared that strength training would make them bulky, heavier, or slow them down.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Strength training is not the same thing as bodybuilding.  You can be strong and not change your outward physical appearance or really gain much, if any, weight at all.
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Numerous studies to date have linked several lower body pathologies to weakness in the hip/gluteal/core muscles.  Essentially every running injury has links to weakness in the hips/glutes/core – IT Band Syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, general knee pain, posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction, “shin splints,” and even stress fractures.  From our perspective as physical therapists, it is “non-negotiable” that runners need to be on a strengthening program for the lower body.  Sure, you can do your foam rolling, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic treatments, and the like, but the one thing proven to work is strengthening.
Understand that strengthening doesn’t necessarily mean having a bar with tons of weight loaded on your back or 10 plates on the leg press.  Many great exercises for runners are often bodyweight at the start and progress to things like ankle weights, tubing/bands, or weight at the gym.  Check out our YouTube clip for 5 Exercises for Runners.  Whether you have a nagging injury, want to avoid one, or aspire to complete a “couch to 5K,” these are 5 exercises you can do just about anywhere.  Of course, they will get easy and you’ll need some progressions.  Give us a call, we can help you with that.  Remember, in Kansas, you can see a physical therapist without a physician referral.  Let us evaluate you to make sure there are no “icebergs below the surface” that will put you at risk for injury, give you the exercises specific to your needs, then come back 3-4 weeks later for some progressions.  Physical therapy does not have to be 3x/week for 4 weeks.  That is nonsense.  You just need the “wings” from us so you can fly on your own!  It would be a privilege to serve you, call today!

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