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Ankle Sprain "Home Remedy"

DIY Ankle Sprain Rehab

We see lots of patients that have an ankle sprain.  An ankle sprains can happen to anyone, athletes and regular folks alike.  Certainly, athletes roll it making a cut or landing on someone’s foot, but other folks can do it stepping off a curb or getting tripped up at home.  The problem with this injury is that without proper rehab, 70% of people develop chronic ankle instability and once you sprain your ankle, your risk increases nearly 20x to have another one.  Therefore, it’s clear that rehab is essential.  Many people do it, but “walking it off” is not advised.  Limping is not normal and causes the body to heal incorrectly.

ankle sprain Ankle Sprain "Home Remedy"

“Rolled” ankle

Rehabilitation for an Ankle Sprain

Ideally, we’d prefer folks to come see us for a few visits to make sure you’re diagnosed accurately and you get a plan specific to your needs.  You don’t need months and months of physical therapy to rehab this injury the right way, provided you do your home program and have a physical therapist that understands how to rehab these correctly.  All that said, some people just want to do it themselves or maybe don’t have the financial resources to afford physical therapy.  Rather than let people do the wrong things and begin the “snowball” effect of repeated ankle sprains, we wanted to share a few “home remedies” for an ankle sprain in the video below.  A comprehensive plan for an ankle sprain includes range of motion exercises, strengthening, balance exercises, and eventually, return to the activities you enjoy.  WebMD has a good article on how to rehab these as well.  Initially, it is advised you wear a lace-up ankle brace, minimize walking as much as possible, and use ice for pain.  Make sure you wear supportive shoes as well.
It would be a privilege to serve you and partner with you in your care after your ankle sprain. Remember, you can see a physical therapist in Kansas without a physician referral. Give us a call!!

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