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Best Chest and Shoulder Stretch

Best Shoulder Stretch for the Pecs & Front of the Shoulder

One of the many things we help our patients with here is stretching and stretching techniques.   People of all ages need to stretch and there are lots of ways to do them, some good and others not so much.   We often find that we’re showing people what not to do more often that what to do because so many people aren’t doing things correctly or they come to us asking about things they found online or learned from someone.  One of those stretches is for the front of the shoulder.   We’re talking about the pectoralis major and minor specifically.   You’ll see in the YouTube clip below the less than ideal stretch that, of course, is more common and you’ll also the right way to stretch.  The shoulder stretch shown in the video is great not only for athletes, but we also prescribe this weekly for people that are sitting in front of a computer or desk all day.  Those shoulders get rounded and that position contributes to the forward head posture that leads to headaches and “knots” in the shoulders.  Keeping the front of the shoulders loose also helps keep the rotator cuff and scapular muscles in the optimal position for shoulder function too.   We hope this shoulder stretch helps you!

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