Relieve Hip and Knee Pain For Good with Physical Therapy!

February 10th, 2019

Both the hips and knees are areas in the body where several muscles, tendons, and joints are joined together to help you achieve complex movement. If there is damage and subsequent pain in these areas, it can be difficult to perform daily activities. There are several specific ways that physical therapy can help relieve hip

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Treating Swollen Knees

How to reduce swelling in the knee

February 3rd, 2019

Taking care of your knees is important because you use your knees for so many activities in your life. Pay attention to any pain in your knees, because it may be the sign of an injury or condition that can limit your mobility. Usually, this kind of knee pain comes with other symptoms, such as

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Effective Knee Pain Treatment Is Now In Shawnee KS

Effective knee pain treatment is now in Shawnee, KS

January 8th, 2019

Up until now, you may have sought knee pain treatment outside Shawnee, Kansas. Fortunately, there’s now a physical therapy team right in town. SSOR is thrilled to now be offering physical therapy to the residents of Shawnee, Kansas. The team at our new location brings along effective physical therapy, but we also offer many of

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