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Four common sports injuries treatable by physical therapists

common sports injuries

Every time an athlete trains or competes, they put themselves at risk for injury. Many people are aware that contact sports, like football, hockey, basketball and soccer can lead to injuries, but many injuries are also common in less stressful sports, like baseball or swimming.

Many athletes have a high pain tolerance and can push through pain to keep training and competing. That’s why it is important to be aware of some of the most common sports-related injuries so you can know when to seek medical attention.

Four common athletic injuries

  1. Sprained ankles — A sprained ankle occurs when your ankle rolls or twists in a way that stretches or tears the ligaments that connect the bones in the ankle. This is often treatable with physical therapy and non-invasive treatments, but extreme cases may require surgery.

  2. Torn or stretched muscles — Repetitive use and physical stress from demanding activity can result in one of your muscles stretching or tearing. Pulled groins and strained hamstrings are some of the most common muscle injuries in athletes.

  3. Tendinitis — Frequent overuse of one of the joints, such as knees in runners and the shoulder or elbow in baseball pitchers, can lead to tendinitis. This is a condition in which one of the tendons in your joints is irritated and inflamed, which causes pain and can limit mobility.

  4. ACL injuries — The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important connective tissue in your knee responsible for connecting the shinbone and thigh bone. A sudden twisting motion can cause this ligament to stretch or tear, which makes it difficult for an athlete to run and change directions. Fully torn ACLs typically require surgery for complete recovery, but physical therapy can still help.

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