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Hip Bursitis Physical Therapy

Bursitis is a condition where fluid-filled sacs called bursae become inflamed. The hip joint is especially at risk of bursitis because it contains two bursae. The first is located at the bony point on the side of the hip, and it’s called the greater trochanteric bursa. The other hip bursa is located on the groin side of the hip, and this bursa is called the iliopsoas bursa. When either of these bursae become inflamed, they can cause pain in your hip and make it harder to do normal daily tasks. Fortunately, there are two hip bursitis physical therapy techniques that can help treat this condition in Overland Park, Kansas. 

1.   Manual therapy

Manual therapy is one physical therapy technique that’s commonly used to treat hip bursitis. This technique is actually a category of several different methods, but what connects them all is that the therapist will use their hands in each method. Their hands are used to bend and flex your hip, and this bending and flexing is called joint mobilization. Other manual therapy movements allow therapists to stretch and massage the muscles around the hip. This technique is called soft tissue mobilization. Using these hands-on methods, the symptoms of hip bursitis can be treated and, in many cases, relieved. 

2.   Ergonomics

While manual therapy is designed to treat the symptoms of hip bursitis, ergonomics is intended to treat the issues causing it. Ergonomics is a hip bursitis physical therapy technique that focuses on improving your movement and posture. Ergonomics can be used to help improve the way you walk or jog, and these improvements can reduce the risk of hip bursitis in the future. 

Also, this method can be used to correct your seated posture. People who sit for long periods of time can start to slump forward, and this can place extra stress on the hip muscles. In turn, this can cause the muscles to irritate the hip bursae and lead to bursitis. By helping you find ways to correct your sitting posture, ergonomics can help decrease the risk of a hip bursitis recurrence even further. 

SSOR offers hip bursitis physical therapy in Overland Park, KS

Now that you know about some effective hip bursitis physical therapy methods, do you know who to turn to in Overland Park to get these types of therapy? Well, look no further than our team at SSOR’s Overland Park clinic. We offer complimentary screenings that can help you figure out what’s causing your hip bursitis. Our team can also build personalized treatment plans that use manual therapy, ergonomics and other effective physical therapy techniques. 

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