Cory Bayless

Cory Bayless, PTA

Cory Bayless, PTA, joined our team to ensure the quality of care doesn’t suffer during our busy after school and after work hours. Cory earned his degree from Kansas City Kansas Community College in December of 2015. He initially joined the SSOR team as in intern in the fall of 2015. His passion lies in orthopedics and loves to see people reap the benefits of their hard work. Working part-time on a daily basis in the afternoons at SSOR, Cory also works at a Skilled Nursing Facility allowing him to work with patients of many different levels of function every day. Cory is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer on the weekends and is adamant about body awareness and exercise safety emphasizing on injury prevention. Whether your goal is to return to the field, court or gym, Cory will help you achieve it. In his downtime, Cory enjoys CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and fishing.