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Physical therapy treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome in Prairie Village, KS

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often associated with people who type all day, but it can affect anyone who uses their hands and wrists a lot for work. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops due to irritation of the median nerve running through your wrist.

The carpal tunnel is the housing that protects the median nerve from harm. Strains and injuries can cause pressure to build up on the carpal tunnel, which irritates the median nerve, causing pain and a limited range of motion in the wrist and hand. 

How do physical therapists treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Physical therapists have many methods for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Below are some of the most common methods that are used in many treatments:

  • Exercising — One of the contributing factors to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome is weak and tight muscles, ligaments and tendons in your wrist. Weakness and tension causes an increase of pressure on the carpal tunnel. Physical therapists can guide you through gentle exercises to help improve your strength and support for your wrist structure.
  • Stretching — Stretching helps keep the muscles and soft tissue flexible. This further helps to reduce pain and pressure in the wrist while improving your range of motion.
  • Hands-on therapy — Hands-on therapy (also known as manual therapy) is useful for restoring range of motion and preventing the buildup of scar tissue. There are several hands-on techniques a physical therapist might use, such as joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization. These treatments involve gently moving your joints and tissue into positions that help release tension and pressure in the soft tissue and joints. 

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Is pain from carpal tunnel syndrome limiting your use of your hand and wrist? Our physical therapists at SSOR in Prairie Village, Kansas, specialize in several treatments that can help. We would be glad to take a look at your wrist and develop a personalized treatment to help you with your pain and limited range of motion. Contact our team today for more information about carpal tunnel syndrome or to schedule an initial appointment.