Massage Therapy Prairie Village & Overland Park, KS

Massage Therapy

SSOR offers massage therapy for both our patients and the public. Unlike many of the bigger box massage therapy facilities, your therapeutic massage time is actually a full hour; many other places count the changing and “prep” time in your hour. Our approach to massage therapy is a total body approach.

Whether you just need a therapeutic massage for stress and tension or you have soft tissue restrictions limiting your ability to do the activities you enjoy, we’re here to help. Kelly Henry is a Licensed Massage Therapist at SSOR. Kelly’s customized massage offers a range of therapeutic touch from stimulating deep tissue massage to relaxing stretches. She has knowledge in Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, prenatal, and sports massage that will stimulate postural muscles into proper form and function and relieve stress.

If your needs change from session to session, Kelly will appropriately adjust her plan and provide you what your body and mind require for that session. You deserve better than an inattentive massage characterized by robotic strokes.

We have 3 and 6 visit packages available to save you money and allow Kelly the time to get you feeling yourself again.  For your convenience, SSOR also offers 90 minute and two-hour massages.  There are no “membership” or monthly fees required.  Additionally, we offer discounted rates for current and former physical therapy patients. You have no better choice in Overland Park or Prairie Village. Contact Us today at Prairie Village & Overland Park, KS Centers for details.