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Sports Performance Enhancement Village & Overland Park, KS

Sports Performance Enhancement

The therapy my son had in Dan’s clinic really helped propel his stren- th and ability over that line so that we were co- nfident in him returning to play.” ~Heather B.


Athletes who have reached the end of formal rehabilitation following surgery or injury may not be sure if they’re ready to go back to playing, or may realize they aren’t ready after getting back on the field. Maybe the current physical therapist didn’t test them, or doesn’t know what to do with a higher level athlete. Perhaps the insurance company allows a limited number of visits that run out before the athlete feels ready. These situations call for a facility directed by a fellowship-trained sports physical therapist who’s been at the highest level and knows what it takes to get someone back to their sport. We are the place you are looking for, right here in Overland Park and Prairie Village, for rehab-based sports performance enhancement.

We’ll provide a thorough physical assessment and needs analysis to determine the physical qualities of sports performance that you are lacking or need improvement on to maximize your innate abilities. Then we’ll develop a plan that works best for you to get you back to sports safely with reduced risk of injury, and ideally, at a higher level than you were previously.

Parents, we’ll even work with your son/daughter’s personal trainer or strength coach to ensure that all of their deficits are addressed and their limitations are respected.

A few pricing options are available for sports performance enhancement. Athletes can choose a “gym membership” option, for example, where they would work out on their own, with workouts outlined and updated by their sports physical therapist, after an initial assessment. Call for details on pricing.