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Preventing chronic knee pain after surgery with physical therapy

Knee Pain After Surgery

Surgery is often a last-resort treatment for conditions and injuries affecting your knee. This is because surgery has risks of infection and other complications and it causes a lot of pain due to the incisions surgeons need to make. However, sometimes it’s the best choice for dealing with a condition or injury in your knee.

Some pain is a normal part of recovering from knee surgery, but you shouldn’t suffer from any long-lasting or worsening pain. Your surgeon will recommend physical rehabilitation as part of your recovery to help keep chronic pain at bay. 

Benefits of post-surgical rehabilitation after knee surgery 

  • Reduced pain — Pain is natural after your knee has been cut open by a surgeon. Physical therapy treatments can help improve your recovery to reduce pain. This is beneficial because it reduces your dependency on pain medications that often come with unwanted side effects.
  • Increased strength — Incisions from surgery can cause damage to the muscles around your knee. This can lead to an increase of pressure around the joint and weakness that affects your ability to move your knee. Physical therapists specialize in exercises that can help improve your knee strength so you can get back to your favorite activities.
  • Improved range of motion — Scar tissue often forms after surgery where the muscles, tendons and ligaments are healing. This scar tissue is tough and can restrict your range of motion. Physical therapists can help prevent the buildup of scar tissue after surgery or break down existing scar tissue.
  • Improved safety — Physical therapists can guide you through balance exercises that help provide stability to the knee and reduce your risk of falling. They can also show you how to safely use assistive devices like crutches, canes and walkers. 

Visit SSOR for physical therapy after knee surgery

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