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Seeking shoulder pain treatment in Prairie Village, Kansas

shoulder pain treatment

The shoulder is a complex joint that you use every day to accomplish all sorts of tasks, like lifting objects, throwing, rotating your arms and raising your arms over your head. It can be difficult to do any of these tasks if one of the tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage and muscles in your rotator cuff are injured.

Shoulder pain is a normal part of life, but when the pain is severe, limits your mobility or lasts for longer than a few days, you should seek professional help. Many people choose physical therapy for treatment since physical therapists specialize in treating the types of injuries and conditions that affect your shoulders.

When to visit a physical therapist for shoulder pain treatment

Severe shoulder pain should not be ignored. This can lead to further pain or a more severe condition like permanent disability. If your shoulder is in severe or chronic pain, you may be suffering from:

  • Dislocation — Your shoulder can dislocate from the socket if the muscles and tendons are strained or torn. When a shoulder is dislocated, it feels out of place and it’s difficult to move.

  • Tendinitis — Tendinitis is the inflammation of your shoulder tendons that causes pain and a lower range of motion. Tendinitis is often caused by repetitive motions that cause your tendons to rub against the shoulder blade.

  • Bursitis — Your bursae are small sacs of fluid between your joints and bones that provide cushioning. Bursitis is a condition that can affect the bursae in your joints, including your shoulder, if your joints are irritated or overused. Bursitis causes severe pain, inflammation and swelling in the shoulder.

  • Arthritis — Arthritis can wear down the cartilage in your joints, including your shoulder, for a number of reasons, especially old age and overuse. This disease can cause your shoulder to swell and lose its range of motion.

Shoulder pain may also be related to fractures, sprains, strains and more. If you’re suffering from severe shoulder pain, talk to your doctor or a physical therapist today about your treatment options.

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The physical therapists at Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SSOR) can help you reduce shoulder pain and regain your mobility. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you’re suffering from shoulder pain and are looking for an effective treatment.

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