I came to SSOR a year after I had two total knee replacements and the standard hospital recommended PT. It may have been okay for some people, but after a few month of living just a “normal” life, I wanted more. I made the decision to go to the best place I could find and ask them to tell me if they could help me get closer to my goals. After a very thorough evaluation with Mallory she felt I could definitely get closer to what I wanted to be able to do. I was cynical, so thought I would give it a month to see if I felt any improvement. WOW! What a difference in PT! SSOR is very hands on. Mallory “gets me”. She knows what I want, what I’m willing to put in and she’s right there to support me in the challenges and to cheer for me in the accomplishments. It’s SO much more than the standard text book pictures and exercises that you can, for the most part, get off the internet. These people are educated, they listen, they watch what you do, how you move. They personalize the treatment accordingly. Honestly, these visits are self-paid since insurance is long over for my knee rehab, and I feel I’m getting more than my money’s worth. I’m getting my life back- and that’s priceless. Thank you Mallory for every little step and SSOR for the high caliber of service.