Three physical therapy services you might not expect to find near Kansas City, KS

Physical Therapy Kansas City

Many people have a vision in their head of what physical therapy in Kansas City, Kansas, is like. They picture doing a lot of stretches and other exercises, typically.

Therapeutic exercises are a useful and commonly used technique in physical therapy, but there are far more services that a physical therapist can use to help you. Here are a few of the physical therapy services you might not expect to find in Kansas City: 

  1. Women’s health — Women’s health physical therapy is geared toward addressing problems that affect women. It can help women who are suffering from chronic pelvic pain, which medical research shows affects 39% of women. Women’s health PT can also help address: 
  1. PT gym membership — When formal physical therapy ends, some patients will try to continue improving their fitness on their own. However, many of us don’t know how to structure workouts properly to avoid future injuries. 

Having a PT gym membership means that a physical therapist will help you build a regular workout routine. The routine that’s built for you can do a better job of improving your fitness. This can help minimize your chances of reinjuring yourself, too. You’ll also be able to work out in a PT clinic where you’re already comfortable.

  1. Annual PT checkup — An annual physical therapy checkup is much like the annual checkup you have with your primary care doctor. The difference? A PT checkup will specifically focus on the health of your musculoskeletal system. 

A checkup with your doctor won’t have this focus; consequently, a doctor’s checkup could be missing issues that can morph into serious problems. Annual PT checkups can catch musculoskeletal issues and help you address them before they become serious. 

SSOR offers these and other physical therapy services near Kansas City

Are you looking for effective physical therapy services near Kansas City? Our Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation team operates out of three clinics just outside of Kansas City. Each of our clinics offers free screenings that can help get your physical therapy started. They’re also staffed by trained and experienced physical therapists who excel at building treatment plans that are unique to each patient’s needs. 

Can’t make it to one of our clinics? That’s OK! You can also sign up for virtual therapy sessions that allow you to work with our team right in your own home. 

Contact us today for more information about all the services we offer or to schedule an initial in-person or virtual appointment.