Three reasons you need vestibular physical therapy if you have vertigo

vestibular physical therapy

Life with vertigo is challenging. The simple act of sitting up to get out of bed in the morning can send you into a dizzy spell that causes you to feel nauseous or fall over. Watching moving objects may trigger your symptoms too. 

Yes, life with vertigo is challenging, but fortunately, there is something you can do about it. You can visit a physical therapist for vestibular physical therapy.

What is vestibular physical therapy?

There are tiny crystals in your inner ears that your brain uses to detect motion and read your balance. Vertigo occurs when these crystals are out of position, making your brain unable to accurately determine balance or motion, which causes dizziness. 

Vestibular physical therapy (also known as vestibular rehab) is a treatment routine that helps your brain adjust to the changes in these crystals, so you feel more balanced and able to focus. Treatments vary from person to person depending on their needs, but generally includes many focus exercises and balance exercises.

Three reasons you need vestibular physical therapy

If you have vertigo and are looking for help, here are three reasons you should consider vestibular physical therapy:

  1. Treats at the source — Some treatments only mask the symptoms of vertigo. Vestibular rehab treats vertigo at the source by helping your brain adjust to the new positioning of your inner ear crystals.
  2. Lowers your fall risk — Losing balance from a flare-up of dizziness can cause you to fall and get hurt. Vestibular physical therapy includes balance exercises that help you stay on your feet and lower your chances of injury from a fall.
  3. Improves your focus — Moving or focusing on moving objects can trigger flare-ups of dizziness. Physical therapy can help you adjust to vertigo and feel comfortable when moving or focusing on moving objects.

Visit SSOR today for vestibular physical therapy

Do you have vertigo that is constantly getting in the way of your ability to live a normal daily life? Our team at SSOR is here for you. We can guide you through vestibular physical therapy to help you manage your condition and feel balanced again. Contact our team today for more information about vestibular physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.