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Two sharp pain on inside of neck causes in Prairie Village, KS

Sharp Pain on Inside of Neck

Residents of Prairie Village, Kansas, are vulnerable to many types of neck injuries. Car accidents, falls and impacts while playing sports can all be the cause of neck pain. For some people, the pain could be sharp and feel like it’s deep inside the neck. If this sounds like the type of pain you’ve been dealing with, there are two issues that could be causing it. 

  1. Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries that people experience. This injury affects the muscles, vertebrae and discs in the neck, and it’s caused by the head whipping back and forth violently during the car accident. The violent movement can overstretch or tear muscles deep in your neck. This can lead to sharp pain inside the neck when you turn your head. The pain can be triggered by other routine activities as well, including activities like looking up when reaching to grab an object above your head. Whiplash can also cause vertebrae fractures or injuries to neck discs; these types of problems may be the source of your pain. 

  1. Pinched neck nerves

Another issue that can cause sharp pain inside your neck is pinched nerves. Compression of a nerve in the neck is often caused by problems with a neck disc or vertebrae, and one factor that can lead to neck nerve pinching is inflamed neck muscles. Inflammation in these muscles can be the result of repetitive movements. Typically, these movements are ones that you make every day at work or when playing sports. 

In addition, neck discs can be moved out of position by an impact while playing sports. This can allow neck nerves to become pinched between the disc and a bone or another piece of soft tissue. No matter what’s causing the pinching, it’s likely to lead to sharp or burning pains in the neck. Often, the pain will also feel like it’s running down into the shoulder, arm or hand. 

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SSOR is proud to have a physical therapy clinic in Prairie Village, and we can help the residents of this community with many different neck issues. We offer complimentary screenings to help you discover the source of your pain. Our team will use the information gathered in your screening to build you a personalized therapy plan, and your plan may include effective therapy methods like: 

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