Why does my shoulder hurt when I lift my arm?

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt When I Lift My Arm?

There can be a number of causes for shoulder pain that is worse when lifting your arm, but it is often related to a problem with the rotator cuff. This delicate array of soft tissue connects the arm to the shoulder joint, bearing a tremendous load while also accomplishing the intricate movements we require of our arms. Because of this, injuries including sprains, strains and tears are extremely common. 

No matter what the exact cause of your shoulder pain is, seeking treatment is important and will help you avoid worsening the injury and enable you to get back to your regular activities. One of the most effective ways you can both understand your shoulder pain and find relief is through physical therapy. Take a moment to read over the following information about physical therapy for shoulder pain. If you have any questions or just want to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with one of our offices. 

Identifying the causes of shoulder pain and developing effective treatments

If your shoulder hurts when you lift your arm, your physical therapist can help. By performing specialized movement tests and a hands-on examination, he or she can isolate the mechanical and functional causes that are contributing to your injury. From there, your physical therapist will work closely with you to develop a targeted treatment plan to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Improve strength and stability in the shoulder 
  • Increase range of motion 
  • Learn movements that lessen the stress on the rotator cuff and other important components of the shoulder
  • Receive education about daily practices and healthy choices that can help prevent shoulder pain and injury

Physical therapy can take time and commitment, but it provides a natural and long-term approach to relief. A critical component of success is finding a therapist you can build a productive relationship with through strong communication and trust. 

SSOR can help you pinpoint and relieve your shoulder pain

At Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, our talented team of therapists is committed to delivering compassionate and patient-centered care. For consistency of care, we will match you with a therapist who is the best match for you and will work to create a collaborative and individualized treatment plan. Our mission is to get you back to a healthy and active lifestyle as quickly as possible, while achieving lasting relief and a decreased risk of reinjury. 

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