Why is it a big deal that I have pelvic floor therapy available near me?

Pelvic Floor Therapy Near Me

Many of the pelvic issues that women suffer from can be traced back to a pelvic floor problem. Fortunately, pelvic floor therapy can help address pelvic floor issues and offer women many benefits, and these are a few reasons why you should be excited to find pelvic floor therapy available near you. 

What is pelvic floor therapy?

This type of physical therapy is also known as women’s health physical therapy or pelvic rehab. Its focus? To address tightness or looseness in the pelvic floor muscles that can lead to issues like: 

What benefits can I get from pelvic floor therapy near me? 

There are many benefits that pelvic floor therapy near you can offer. Some of these benefits include: 

  1. Treating issues without drugs — Medication is a commonly used treatment option for many women’s health concerns. It’s used to address pelvic pain, and meds are also a front-line treatment for incontinence and constipation. However, you can stay away from the side effects and possible addiction issues associated with medications by trying pelvic rehab for your condition. 
  1. Addressing chronic pelvic pain — There are far too many women going through their lives with chronic pelvic pain. A study of reproductive-aged women found that 39% of them had this type of pain. Chronic pelvic pain can often be eased by women’s health PT specialists, and they can also help you find ways to keep pelvic pain from coming back. 
  1. Staying more comfortable during pregnancy — There are fewer more painful times in a woman’s life than pregnancy, and that doesn’t mean just when she’s actually giving birth. Medical research shows that women can develop many types of pain during and after their pregnancy. One study on pregnant women reports that: 
  • Nearly 71% experienced lower back pain. 
  • More than 33% developed wrist and hand pain. 
  • Over 32% had hip pain. 

Women’s health PT can help address pelvic issues that are causing pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. It can assist pregnant women with many other types of pain, too. 

SSOR offers pelvic floor therapy near you

Living near Kansas City, Kansas? If you are, you can find in-person pelvic floor therapy near you at Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Our team can do a free screening on you to pinpoint the precise issue you’re suffering from. We also excel at building physical therapy plans that are customized to each patient’s specific needs. 

Want to work with us even if you don’t live near our clinics? No problem! Our team also offers virtual physical therapy sessions that can allow you to work with us right in your own home. 

Contact us today for more information about our women’s health PT services or to schedule an initial appointment.