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Why You Need Physical Therapy to Treat Sports Injuries

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At SSOR, we know that athletes who have been injured cannot wait to recover so they can get back to doing what they love. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, physical therapy can help you stay strong and fit while your injury heals.

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who are trained and experienced in rehabilitating the musculoskeletal system to treat injuries and debilitating conditions. Your musculoskeletal system includes your muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and cartilage. When it comes to treating a sports-related injury, you want professionals who can carefully and skillfully treat these areas.

How does physical therapy help athletes recover from injuries?

The main goal of physical therapy is to strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons around the injured area. This provides support for the body while it heals.

Some of the benefits of physical therapy include:

  • It helps you reduce pain — Strengthening and stretching the muscles helps reduce pressure from the injured area so it can heal faster and have less pain

  • It helps you avoid surgery — Surgery is usually the last resort for an injury. Physical therapy can help you fully recover without ever having to go under the knife.

  • It helps you regain mobility — Physical therapy can help improve the function of your muscles and joints so you can remain mobile while you heal. Plus, your physical therapist can provide guidance for using helpful devices like crutches or a wheelchair.

  • It helps you balance — Losing functionality of part of your body can make it difficult to balance. Your physical therapist will guide you through balancing techniques that will be beneficial in real-world scenarios like getting around the house.

If your injury requires surgery, you should visit a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help you have a better recovery after surgery so that you can get back to living independently again.

Are you an athlete who’s been injured and is ready to get back in the game? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with SSOR and get started on the road to recovery.