Youth Sports Injury? See a Sports Physical Therapist

Son or Daughter Get Injured? Call SSOR!

SSOR is earning the confidence of the community that we are a trusted resource for the evaluation of sports injuries.  Because we have Kansas City’s only fellowship-trained physical therapist in sports medicine, our staff as a whole have the expertise to determine the severity of injury and help direct you to the proper provider or get you started with a physical therapy plan to get your child back on the field or court.  Remember, in the state of Kansas, you can see a physical therapist without a physician referral as of July 1, 2013.  So why choose a sports PT over say, the ER or waiting for a doctor appointment?

Why Choose SSOR?

1.  We can get you in faster.  Many times, our patients complain how long they have to wait to see the doctor.  That’s why the Kansas law allowing you to see a PT is so great – we can also evaluate you and help expedite care.  Your child might be back on the field or court before you are even able to see a doctor.  Let us help guide you!
2. You may end up waiting for an X-ray or MRI you don’t need.  We see this scenario regularly – kid gets hurt, parents get in a few days later to see the doctor, X-rays are clean, an MRI is ordered “just to be sure,” and the MRI turns out to be negative for serious injury.  During that waiting period for appointments and tests, critical time is wasted that could have been spent in physical therapy getting your child back to life and play.  Barring any serious injury that requires an on-field EMS service, a sports physical therapist is a fantastic choice to get you the answers you need.
3.  Physical therapists are experts in musculoskeletal examination.  Our whole focus of what we do is the spine, extremities, and joints.  You can be confident that if something is fishy, we will help direct you to the right medical provider.   If it is nothing serious requiring a referral to a medical doctor, rest assured, we have the most evidence-based treatments to get your child back to play safely and effectively.
4. We can save you money!  Building off #2, you may end up spending money out of your own pocket for tests or medications you might not need.  Physical therapy is much cheaper than those tests.
5.  ER doctors are not sports medicine doctors, and most pediatricians do not have the musculoskeletal expertise.  Let us be clear – ER doctors and pediatricians are critical parts of the health care team.  They fulfill very specific roles for health care consumers.  That said, emergency rooms and “urgent cares” are just that – for emergencies and to address any life-threatening situations.  Most ER physicians don’t have the expertise in musculoskeletal examinations that physical therapists do nor are they necessarily current on the most evidence-based treatments for sports injuries.  Pediatricians have to address everything from illnesses, genetic disorders, long-term illnesses, and a host of other conditions on a daily basis.  They have an expertise of the internal organs and the ability to identify disorders that no physical therapist is able to.  Because of that, most of them cannot possibly have the expertise in musculoskeletal assessment.  That’s where we fit in – we fill that gap because that’s what we focus on!  Again, this is not a commentary on the knowledge or competence of these doctors – it’s just you can’t be great at everything! Physical therapists are a great compliment to medical doctors in this area.
It would be a privilege to serve your child and help not only get them healthy again, but also address concerns, answer questions, and calm any fears you may have.  We may even be able to let you know what the long-term outlook is if something serious is identified.  Give us a call!