“YouTube Physical Therapy”

SSOR vs. “YouTube PT”

It’s amazing how many patients tell us that they tried to look online to take care of their problem before seeing us.  Hey, we get it.  Why not “DIY” and save the money and the time?  We’d be lying if we didn’t try it ourselves with some things.  There’s even more benefits – YouTube doesn’t give you a bill for physical therapy.  YouTube doesn’t send you an “explanation of benefits.”  YouTube doesn’t go against your deductible.   YouTube doesn’t try and schedule you two times a week.  Besides, you’re smart, you can figure it out by yourself.  We readily admit – some folks just need some basic stretches and a few basic exercises and can take care of their issue.  However, there are just some things YouTube and Dr. Google can’t do.  Here’s what the physical therapists at SSOR can do/will do for you.


  1. We’ll listen. You might look online or watch a video, but what if you have specific needs and concerns?  We’ll find out what’s important to you and what your values are to determine a physical therapy plan of care that is “you-specific.”
  2. We get our hands on you. Many issues we see are more than just a series of exercises.  You need a physical therapist to get his or her hands on you to work out tender points and get your body working the right way.
  3. We can adjust your program based on how you respond. Sure, the internet may show “the best exercises for X,” but what if they’re too easy? What if they hurt? What if they aren’t working?  What if you’re not sure if you’re doing them right?  At SSOR, you don’t just get a “carbon copy” sheet of exercises that resemble a recipe.  You get a specific program for your needs.
  4. We know what we’re talking about! You just never know what the folks on the internet actually know or if they have any credibility to what they’re saying.  You can be confident the PT’s at SSOR are competent, intelligent, personable, and passionate about what we do.
  5. YouTube can’t tell you what you need to do to not need YouTube again. The PT’s at SSOR give you the tools you need in physical therapy so you don’t need to come see us, or peruse YouTube for hours to find out how to keep your issue away for good.

It would be a privilege to serve you and partner with you in your care.  Give us a call!