3 benefits a PT clinic-based gym membership can have for you

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On the outside, a physical therapy clinic-based gym can seem a lot like a regular gym. Both have lots of different workout equipment and people who are interested in pushing their physical health to a better place. However, there is one key difference between a PT clinic-based gym and regular gyms. The difference lies in the mindset of each gym’s members. At the clinic-based gyms, people go there to focus on their wellness, while it can be said of most people who go to non-clinic-based gyms that their priority isn’t necessarily wellness, but fitness.

3 benefits a PT clinic-based gym membership can have that you should know about

  1. Centered more on holistic wellness — When you go to an everyday gym, you’ll quickly find out that most members are focused on fitness. Some may be more concerned with appearance than overall health. Many go there without any preexisting injuries limiting their mobility. Many of them also work on particular areas of their physical fitness without paying attention to other areas. At clinic-based gyms, the focus of members is geared toward strengthening specific areas of the body but also surrounding and supporting areas. The idea behind this is that in the long term, you can strengthen your body so that you prevent future injury and find comfort knowing you’ll be physically able to live out your best life.
  1. May be better for your mental health — At a clinic-based gym, members are mostly people who are working toward recovery after an injury or chronic pain. They, just like you, know how hard it can be to get back on your feet after getting hurt. You can improve your physical fitness in an environment that fosters support and understanding, rather than competition and appearance. You may even look forward to taking control of your health by regularly going to the PT clinic-based gym!
  1. PT trainers who understand your injury history — Another added benefit of this unique type of gym is that there will be trainers who know what you’re going through and how they can best help you based on your history. They’re highly trained in the physical therapy field, so they know how to push you without aggravating a past injury and how to strengthen your health to prevent future injuries.

SSOR wants to be your go-to PT clinic-based gym

If you are ready to find long-lasting recovery from an injury or just looking to prevent future injury, reach out to our team at Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Physical therapy treatment here at SSOR is unique. You can expect to receive hands-on care, personalized treatment plans and careful attention that you just won’t get from others. If you join our PT gym, you can anticipate being welcomed into an understanding and helpful community centered on physical wellness.

Our physical therapists are licensed and educated and have plenty of experience in their field. We have years of experience in treating a variety of conditions, whether they be common or unusual.

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