Four tips from a physical therapist on how to get rid of a kink in your neck

How to Get Rid of a Kink in Your Neck

We’ve all woken up with a “kink” in our neck after sleeping in a strange position or in a different bed. For most people, this passes after a short period of time and with minimal treatment, typically resulting in nothing more than a minor inconvenience. For others, though, these pains can become a recurring issue that starts to become a drain on quality of life, even if they’re relatively minor. 

In these cases, it can be beneficial to work with a professional such as a physical therapist. In addition to providing helpful tips to improve your biomechanics, a qualified therapist can also identify warning signs that could potentially lead to simple “kinks in the neck” worsening to more serious neck pain. 

Here are four treatment goals you and your therapist can work toward for neck pain relief

Talking to a physical therapist is a great way to take a proactive approach and stop minor neck pain from becoming worse. A therapist can perform an examination of your neck, including your biomechanics and posture, to identify the underlying sources of the kink in your neck. Here are some of the goals a therapist may discuss with you regarding overcoming minor cases of neck pain: 

  1. Improve your posture — Through posture training, you can learn to more evenly distribute the stress your neck withstands on a daily basis. 
  2. Strengthen your neck — By performing targeted therapeutic exercises, you can make your neck more resilient and injury resistant.
  3. Increase your range of motion With stretching and manual therapy, a therapist can help you develop a more flexible neck. 
  4. Make lifestyle changes — From reducing time staring at your phone to using a more supportive pillow when you sleep, small changes in your routine and ergonomics can make a difference. 

By taking active steps to improve the health of your neck and reduce the pressure you place on it, you may be surprised at how quickly you see a reduced frequency of neck pain episodes. 

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