How To Make Physical Therapy More Beneficial

How to Maximize Benefit From Physical Therapy: What YOU Can Do

At SSOR, we’re committed to continual professional development and looking for ways to get better at every aspect of our care.  In our discharge surveys, we ask patients if there is anything we can do to make our service better. One patient suggested that we have a list of what to expect from physical therapy as well as a list of tips to make physical therapy more beneficial.  We’ll do a two-part blog on this.  Here’s a list, in no particular order, of how to make your physical therapy more beneficial.

  • Be consistent.  Show for your scheduled appointments.  If your schedule is just too hectic to commit, wait till things settle a bit so you can be “all in.”
  • Do your home program as directed by your PT.
  • Take our advice with posture/ergonomics and other ways to help maximize pain reduction.
  • Be careful with “internet shopping.”  It is a sea of misinformation and “fear mongering.”  Many times, that does more harm than good.
  • Be objective.  You might not be 100% better, but recognize when things are trending in the right direction.
  • Talk to us! Tell us if something is not working or if you need something.
  • Get proper sleep.  Sleep is linked to both pain and recovery.
  • Understand that pain doesn’t necessarily mean injury.
  • Try not to be obsessed with what MRI’s show.  Many asymptomatic people have positive findings on MRI.  See the previous point.
  • Understand progress takes time and it may not get better overnight.
  • Have a positive attitude – be careful with negative language.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others with similar conditions.  Everyone has different medical histories, different surgical procedures performed by different surgeons, etc.
  • Don’t rush through the exercises.  Take your time and use proper technique as instructed by your PT.
  • Don’t stop your exercises when formal PT is over.  Participate in a regular maintenance program.

We feel this is a comprehensive list of things you can do to make your physical therapy more beneficial.  We’re sure there are many more, but these are the main ones, without a doubt.  It would be a privilege to serve you – give us a call!