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Recovery time for a rotator cuff tear that does not need surgery

Recovery Time for Rotator Cuff Tear Without Surgery

Rotator cuff tears can be a painful and disruptive injury. This relatively delicate array of muscles is built to withstand the pressure put on it during everyday activities, but strains and even tears can develop under too much stress. This is particularly true for athletes, weightlifters and people who work physical jobs that require repetitive lifting and other shoulder movements. 

While surgery is a common treatment for rotator cuff tears, it is possible for a tear to heal on its own under proper care. If you are trying to recover from a rotator cuff tear and want to avoid surgery, you still may be anxious to know what the recovery time is before you can resume regular activity, such as your job or favorite sport. 

Never rush your rotator cuff tear recovery

Recovery time can vary from patient to patient, but in general it can take up to six months or longer of rest and treatment for a tear to heal. It is critical not to rush back into physical activity that stresses the shoulder as this can increase the likelihood that the injury will worsen and surgery will be required. 

Along with other treatment methods, physical therapy is a fundamental part of treatment for rotator cuff tear recovery. A qualified therapist can perform movement tests, review diagnostic imagery and ask questions about your pain to assess biomechanical issues that are putting extra stress on the shoulder. From there, he or she can work with you to develop a physical therapy program to strengthen the shoulder and promote the healing process. 

How physical therapy can help the healing process for rotator cuff tears

Physical therapy for rotator cuff tears can include the following: 

  • Strength and stability exercises to better support the shoulder
  • Range-of-motion exercises to learn proper biomechanics and increase flexibility
  • Manual therapy to activate the shoulder and relax tense muscles in the rotator cuff

You will also receive instruction on topics like good posture, eating a healthy diet, and proper stretching and warm-up techniques for physical activity. 

At SSOR, we can help you develop a treatment plan for a rotator cuff tear that gives you the best chance of a speedy recovery without the need for surgery. We do this through expertise and one-on-one care that always keeps you as the focus of treatment. 

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