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Shoulder Pain Doing the Plank?

Save Your Shoulders Doing the Plank

In the last month, the physical therapists at SSOR have seen 3 female patients, all fit ladies who workout regularly, come in with shoulder pain as a result of doing planks.  The plank is a very common exercise used for core stability.  It’s a great exercise and when done correctly can be very helpful.  As these recent patients have shown, if not done correctly, those shoulders can start to hurt.  Check out our video on the SSOR YouTube channel that explains and demonstrates what we teach our patients.  Rest assured, it’s a game changer for you.  Guys, this would be good for you too – you are not immune to shoulder pain during the plank!

We hope this helps you.  At SSOR, we have a very results-oriented population who expects and demands results quickly.  Our patients want to get in, get out, and get back to what they enjoy doing.  Give us a call, it would be a privilege to serve you.  We have locations in Overland Park and Prairie Village, KS to serve you.