Three physical therapy modalities that can ease a stiff knee

Stiff Knee

We often take our knees for granted. Our knees are the largest joint in the body, and we rely on their uninhibited movement to get us through the day. Depending on your lifestyle, you may spend most of your day on your feet. Meanwhile, your knee joint is moving back and forth to keep your legs working properly. When your knees become stiff, the effects can ripple throughout your life. 

Are you wondering how to help treat your stiff knee? Physical therapy is a great option to remedy knee stiffness because it is a natural approach. 

Three common physical therapy modalities to ease a stiff knee

Depending on the cause of your knee stiffness, a physical therapist may recommend a variety of different approaches to treat you. Some of the most common modalities for knee stiffness include:

  • Joint mobilization — This physical therapy technique is a hands-on modality. Since it is hands-on, joint mobilization is a kind of manual therapy; a method where the physical therapist uses their hands to move a stiff joint through its normal range of motion. Joint mobilization may help loosen your stiff knee and ease the tension in your knee joint, which can reduce aches and discomfort. It can also help improve your knee’s flexibility and range of motion to help you get moving again. 
  • Stretching — While joint mobilization is a technique performed by a physical therapist, stretching is effective both in the clinic and on your own. A physical therapist can show you the best stretches for easing the stiffness in your knee joint. Stretching your knees every day can reduce the tension contributing to your knee discomfort. Regular stretching could make walking more comfortable on your knees.
  • Therapeutic exercises — A physical therapist can demonstrate targeted therapeutic exercises for reducing knee stiffness. The primary goal of therapeutic exercise is to strengthen the muscles that support your knee. These muscles can reduce the daily strain put on your knee joint by walking and other activities. The support of stronger leg muscles may help reduce your knee pain over time. 

If you’re dealing with a stiff knee, Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation is prepared to help

Knee stiffness can make walking uncomfortable or even painful. Some conditions that cause knee stiffness, like arthritis, may worsen over time. But physical therapy can help slow the progression of this disease. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore knee stiffness if you begin to feel it. Our physical therapists at Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation are experts in treating knee pain. We are prepared to design a personalized treatment plan that pinpoints the cause of your knee pain. 

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