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Three reasons you may need muscle tension physical therapy

Muscle Tension Physical Therapy

Muscle tension is when your muscles are tight or stiff, and when you have it, your muscles can’t move as fully as possible. Many people deal with this on a daily basis, but you may not know why your muscles are so tense every day. Here are three common reasons people may need to seek muscle tension physical therapy: 

1.   Stress

Mental stress can come from a variety of sources. You may be trying to meet a deadline at work. Other people get stressed out when they have to talk in public. No matter what’s causing your stress, it can actually have physical effects on the body, and one effect it can have is to cause muscles to tense up. If you have this issue on a daily basis, it can lead to more serious problems, and you may want to seek physical therapy for your muscle tension. 

2.   Dehydration

Most of us are aware of how important water is to the body, but did you know that a lack of water can lead to muscle tension? Lack of water in the body is an issue called dehydration, and this condition causes the blood to thicken. This makes it harder for the muscles to get oxygen. 

Also, a lack of water can cause the body to pull water from the muscle cells. So, when you have dehydration, your muscles aren’t oxygenated enough and don’t have enough liquid. Both of these factors together mean the muscles can be more tense and have difficulty moving normally. Drinking more water and muscle tension physical therapy can help relieve this type of muscle tension. 

3.   Sports injury

Sports injuries can also be the reason you need muscle tension physical therapy. One of the most common types of sports injury is the muscle strain, and this seemingly small injury can actually lead to high levels of muscle tension. When you strain a muscle, it develops microscopic tears, and scar tissue can form in these tears as they heal. 

These areas of muscle scar tissue are called adhesions, and they can cause the muscle fibers to stick to each other rather than sliding normally. This stickiness can create greater muscle tension, but this type of tension can be treated with physical therapy. 

Find effective muscle tension physical therapy at SSOR

There are many factors in life that can lead to muscle tension, but our team at SSOR has the tools and expertise to help you treat this issue. First, we’ll have you come in for a one-on-one screening to help us figure out the source of your tension. Once we understand what the cause of your tension is, we’ll create a personalized physical therapy plan to treat it. This plan may include therapy techniques like: 

Take the next step to get our help with your muscle tension. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.