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Three tips to add fun to balance exercises for elderly people

Fun Balance Exercises for Elderly

One issue that no one looks forward to is losing their ability to balance as they grow older. Unfortunately, joints wear out and become arthritic and muscles get weaker as you age, and issues like these can make you feel less stable when walking or standing. However, doing therapeutic balance exercises is a great way to improve your balance and gait. Here are three tips that can help elderly people have more fun while doing their balance exercises:

1.   Let the music flow

Many people hear music and their bodies start moving unconsciously. Adding music to a balance exercise routine can help elderly people have more fun while doing their exercises. For one thing, you can choose any type of music you like. Also, music has a tempo and rhythm that can make almost any balance exercise more fun, especially if you try to do the exercise to the beat of the music. 

2.   Bring in some fun objects

Another way elderly people can add some fun to their daily balance exercises is to add some objects to the mix. An example would be to try adding a bean bag to a balance exercise. You can try placing a bean bag on your shoulder or the top of your head while doing the tightrope walk exercise, or you could try to balance one on your foot while you do step-ups. 

Another fun object you can try adding to your balance exercises is a ball. For instance, dribbling a basketball could add fun and a bit of difficulty to walking exercises like the zig-zag walk. 

3.   Work with a partner or group

Doing your balance exercises with a partner or group is another way seniors can add fun to this daily task. After all, the side step exercise is a lot like dancing if you do it with a partner, and it’s even more so if you add some music too. You’ll also have someone to laugh with when silly things happen with the bean bags or balls as you do your exercises. Other seniors might also be able to show you balance exercises that you haven’t tried. Such exercises can make your daily routine more fun and challenging, and you’ll get the chance to form a closer connection to someone with similar balance issues. 

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We can do so much more than show elderly patients a few fun balance exercises. Our team can perform a complimentary screening that’s designed to pinpoint specific joint and muscle issues affecting your balance. Our SSOR physical therapy specialists can also build you a personalized therapy plan. We’ll use multiple therapy techniques in your plan, which may include: 

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