Do I need treatment for intermittent sharp pain on top of the foot?

Intermittent Sharp Pain on Top of Foot

The answer to this question depends on what issue is causing your pain, but there are certain foot problems that you should seek treatment for. Such problems often include those that cause intermittent sharp pain on the top of your foot. 

Three causes of intermittent sharp pain on top of the foot

Foot pain itself isn’t really that uncommon. In fact, researchers report that 77% of Americans experience it in their lifetime. It’s also been reported that only about 33% of people with foot pain seek expert care for it. 

Different types of foot pain require different responses. An aching pain is often caused by walking, running or standing too much, and it typically gets better with a little rest. However, intermittent sharp pain on the top of the foot could be a sign of a more serious issue. 

Three foot problems that can cause this type of pain are: 

  1. Stress fracture — This issue involves tiny cracks that develop in the bones of the feet. Repeated stress from activities such as running and jumping typically causes stress fractures. One study reports that stress fractures constitute up to 16% of all athletic injuries. This issue can also cause swelling in addition to sharp pain during movement. 
  1. Morton’s neuroma — Research shows that this condition occurs up to 15 times more often in women than men. Morton’s neuroma is especially common in middle-aged women. It occurs when the nerve running between the third and fourth toes is compressed or pinched. This issue tends to cause sharp or burning pain when walking. It might also lead to an unexplained feeling of pressure under the toes. 
  1. Peripheral neuropathy — It’s estimated that 30 million people suffer from some type of peripheral neuropathy. This condition occurs when nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord are damaged. Diabetics are the most likely to have foot-based peripheral neuropathy. In these patients, it tends to cause burning or shooting pains in the feet. Peripheral neuropathy can also cause numbness, extreme sensitivity to touch and an increased risk of falls. 

SSOR can help treat intermittent sharp pain on the top of your foot

Not sure where you can find treatment for intermittent sharp pain on the top of your foot? You’ll find the treatment you’re looking for at SSOR. Our therapy specialists offer complimentary screenings that can pinpoint the source of your foot pain. We also excel at building personalized therapy plans designed to reduce your pain. Additionally, our team offers in-clinic, virtual care and at-home therapy services that allow you to put your plan into practice. Even better, you can use any of these services without getting a referral from your doctor. 

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