Our Practice

The physical therapy experience at SSOR is unparalleled – you’ll receive personal, hands-on attention unlike what you’ll experience anywhere else, and you’ll see improvement quickly. Our physical therapists are licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced at the highest level, and our programs are individualized with specific, detailed progressions and an end goal in mind.

We provide:

Rapid results – You will quickly notice positive changes in your pain level and function. A specific plan of treatment with an upfront timeline, clear objectives, and specific milestones.

Licensed and Dedicated Physical Therapists – You will see the same highly-qualified person at every visit who will care about your progress.

Transparency – Your condition will be explained to you in detail.

Convenient locations with flexible scheduling – We’re located at 135th and 69 Highway in Overland Park and at Mission Road and W. 83rd Street in Prairie Village.

Timely, efficient, and effective physical therapy – You can expect value from your treatment.

SSOR Physical Therapy Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is encompassed by the idea that you’re a goal-oriented person who deserves results quickly. We won’t waste your time; you only get the physical therapy you need. We will provide you with a physical therapy program that best suits both your physical and your financial needs.

We will:

• Educate you about what your condition is, how you got it, and what we can do together to reduce your pain and improve your function

• Include you in the plan of care and goal establishment

• Perform a thorough physical therapy and biomechanical evaluation to determine if areas other than your painful area could be a source of the problem

• Use manual therapy techniques and exercises supported by the best available evidence to help you achieve your goals and improve your function

• Measure your success with evidence-based outcome scales

• Provide a home program and pain management strategies to minimize or eliminate exacerbations/flare-ups

• Provide a healthy mix of both skill and laughter to create an enjoyable experience and facilitate the optimum outcome