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Hip Bursitis Physical Therapy

Get hip bursitis physical therapy in Overland Park, KS

September 4th, 2019

Bursitis is a condition where fluid-filled sacs called bursae become inflamed. The hip joint is especially at risk of bursitis because it contains two bursae. The first is located at the bony point on the side of the hip, and it’s called the greater trochanteric bursa. The other hip bursa is located on the groin

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How to Treat Wrist Pain

How to treat your wrist pain in Prairie Village, KS

September 3rd, 2019

Many people in Prairie Village, Kansas, spend a lot of time every day typing on a keyboard or on a cellphone screen. These and other repetitive movements can easily lead to wrist pain. If you aren’t sure how to treat your wrist pain, there are two effective treatment options you can use in Prairie Village.

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Muscle Tension Physical Therapy

Three reasons you may need muscle tension physical therapy

September 2nd, 2019

Muscle tension is when your muscles are tight or stiff, and when you have it, your muscles can’t move as fully as possible. Many people deal with this on a daily basis, but you may not know why your muscles are so tense every day. Here are three common reasons people may need to seek

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