Annual Physical Therapy Checkup Prairie Village & Overland Park, KS

Annual Physical Therapy Checkup

Many people go to their doctor once a year for a physical. However, this physical by your primary care physician is not specifically catered to your musculoskeletal system. That’s why you need an annual physical therapy check-up.

Your body is constantly changing and adapting and as a result, aberrant movements and compensatory patterns surface that may or may not cause pain or pathology. The physical therapists at SSOR are experts in biomechanical and postural assessments. Whether you are in pain or not, we can help make sure that you have no issues that will limit you from doing the activities you are passionate about. If you are having pain, our physical therapist can address it and give you the tools you need to get back on track.

Maybe you’ve had physical therapy before and want to ensure you’re doing your exercises correctly and everything is in working order. Maybe you are getting ready to start working out or training and want to make sure your joints and muscles are in good condition. Your annual PT check-up will help you address any issues in advance so you don’t have to stop your activity and come to see us for physical therapy.

At your appointment, we’ll check your joint mobility, spine mobility, flexibility, and strength, and perform an overall movement assessment. If necessary, we’ll provide a home exercise program, activity modifications, or pain management as needed. An annual PT check-up truly is preventative maintenance for your musculoskeletal system.


When should I consider getting a Physical Therapy checkup?

● Any time you are about to start a fitness program or start training
● Any time you change sports
● After you have completed rehab post-surgery and are trying to resume normal activities
● After an illness or surgery that has left you on bed rest

The staff at SSOR are experts in movement assessment and are passionate about finding problems before they arise, or if you are limited, helping you get back to doing what you enjoy.

You don’t need a prescription from your doctor to take advantage of this service.

Note: The physical therapy check-up is a supplement to your annual physical. It is not designed to replace a visit to or an annual physical by your primary care physician, a substitute for a pre-season sports physical, or to diagnose medical conditions. For more information, Contact Us today at Prairie Village & Overland Park, KS Centers.