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Motor Vehicle Injuries

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is important  to seek immediate treatment, even if you don’t feel any initial pain. In many cases, symptoms from auto-related injuries can have a gradual onset; being preemptive about your care can give you the best chance of lessening their severity. A qualified medical professional can perform a thorough examination, determine the extent of injuries and often recommend PT treatment.

Common Injuries Sustained In An Auto Accident

All motor vehicle accidents are different, and the injuries sustained depend mostly on the type of collision, your location in the vehicle, age, and existing medical conditions if any. Some of the most common injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents are:

  • Concussion
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder injury
  • Back injury
  • Neck pain
  • Radiating arm or leg pain
  • Vertigo

Car accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, including broken bones, whiplash, and soft tissue damage, among others. Recovering from these injuries can be a challenging and time-consuming process. However, one effective way to expedite your healing and regain your physical well-being is by undergoing personalized physical therapy treatment. With the help of a skilled and experienced physical therapist, you can receive targeted rehabilitation exercises and techniques tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a faster and more efficient recovery.

By investing in your rehabilitation and taking proactive steps towards your healing, you can minimize pain, restore function, and get back to your normal daily activities with confidence. Remember, your health and well-being are worth prioritizing, and personalized physical therapy can be a crucial part of your journey to recovery after a car accident.

Why Choose Physical Therapy After a Motor Vehicle Injury?

There are many reasons to seek physical therapy treatment after you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. Physical Therapy supports the recovery process. After a car accident, you may experience pain, reduced range of motion, headaches or stiffness. Keep in mind that these symptoms may not appear right after a car accident. Physical therapy helps you to keep pain symptoms at bay, improve flexibility, increase strength and recover faster. It can also prevent long-term damage from a car accident, including migraines and chronic pain. The sooner you get physical therapy after a car accident, the more likely you are to have a pain-free life.

Our team is proud to offer flexible scheduling often with same-day or next-day appointments available.

Physical therapy also helps reduce pain. The exercise movements pump oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injury site and enhances healing. At SSOR, a physical therapist will work with you one-on-one to conduct a comprehensive evaluation with the goal of developing a custom treatment program unique to your condition and individual needs.  Every exercise and stretch has a specific goal for recovery and improves function and mobility. Physical therapy can also help you avoid surgery. It strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles, which protect the body’s structures.

Physical therapy can also restore function in patients with old car accident injuries. You can still benefit from physical therapy even if you had an injury years ago.

Your custom car accident treatment program may include:

  • Massage to promote tissue healing
  •  Manual Therapy Techniques to reduce inflammation and restore motion
  • Postural training to reduce neck, back and shoulder injury
  • Specific exercises and stretching to strengthen and prevent reinjury

In addition to treatment after a car accident injury, physical therapists can provide services for pulmonary rehab, neurologic rehab, cardiovascular, orthopedic and post-op care. It’s a holistic approach for healing after being in a car accident.

If you’re suffering from a car accident injury, don’t delay any longer. Contact Us today at our Westwood, Shawnee, Prairie Village & Overland Park, KS locations, and let our trained physical therapists help you get on your road to recovery. We’ll have a one-on-one consultation with you, do a comprehensive evaluation and create a treatment plan targeted for your injury.

Patient Success Stories

I feel like the physical therapists are highly intelligent and practice at a high level on their patients. They are easy go work with and I would highly recommend!”