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Auto accident injury treatment for patients in Shawnee, KS

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Whether it’s a serious accident or a minor fender-bender, any type of motor vehicle accident can cause injuries. Because so much of the trauma associated with a car accident can cause mobility and other functionality problems, physical therapy and rehabilitation is often a key part of treatment. 

Physical therapists are experts in identifying how musculoskeletal injuries cause pain and restrict range of motion and developing a treatment plan so patients can get back to regular activity. For patients seeking auto injury treatment in Shawnee, Kansas, SSOR is here to help. We have an expert staff with years of experience in helping patients overcome auto accident injuries and related issues. 

We believe in educating our patients and setting proper expectations about the treatment journey, which is why we’re sharing the following information. We encourage you to reach out with any questions if they come up while you read this over. As always, we’re here to help. 

Receiving auto injury treatment from a physical therapist

Whether you’ve been referred to therapy by another treatment provider like a physician or you’re seeking it out yourself, the first step is to receive an evaluation of your injuries. To determine the best course of treatment, your therapist will review your medical history and the previous treatment you received for your injuries. You will also undergo movement, stability, balance and posture tests to determine your current baseline for these and other measures. 

With this information, your therapist can create a personalized treatment plan. Since no two patients, auto injuries and symptoms are alike, no two auto injury treatment plans will be alike. However, treatment will generally consist of the following: 

  • Exercises to strengthen supporting muscles and relieve stress on the injury
  • Stretches and other techniques to improve range of motion
  • Manual therapy to mobilize stiff joints and soft tissue
  • Instruction on at-home care and exercises you can perform

Recovering from an auto injury takes time and patience. You also need a therapist you can build a productive and collaborative relationship with. 

Get the auto injury treatment you deserve

At SSOR Shawnee, our practice is built on delivering exceptional, compassionate care to everyone who comes to us seeking relief. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle while making sure that you and your treatment goals are always at the center of care. 

Start your treatment journey today. Contact us and schedule your initial appointment with a member of our friendly team.