Who is the ideal patient for treatment at SSOR?

We are experts in musculoskeletal physical therapy. Therefore, you are ideal for us (and we for you!) if you meet any of these criteria:

      • You have generalized pain of the spine or extremities
      • You have a post-operative condition of the spine or extremities
      • You are motivated to take charge of your pain or limitations and want to take personal responsibility for your condition, but don’t know what you need to be successful
      • You previously had physical therapy with limited or no success – we are confident our approach and perspective will re-engage you in the physical therapy process
      • You are a competitive athlete or “weekend warrior” who wants to get back to sports at the highest level possible with the least amount of risk for re-injury
      • You expect more from your physical therapy experience than just hot packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and massage
      • You are goal oriented and expect results quickly