Hand pain treatment in Prairie Village, KS

Treating Hand Pain

Your hands are one of the primary ways you interact with the world around you. You’ll have trouble engaging in most activities when one or both of your hands are suffering from pain.

Hand pain comes in many different forms. Sometimes, it’s related to arthritis in the joints. Often, it’s related to carpal tunnel syndrome.

How does carpal tunnel syndrome cause hand pain?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the median nerve running through your wrists and hands. This nerve is protected by a housing called the carpal tunnel. When an injury or condition causes this housing to narrow and put pressure on the nerve, it’s called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand pain is usually a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome since the median nerve runs through your hand. This pain is often exacerbated when doing activities without hand or wrist support. Other symptoms of carpal tunnel include:

  • Numbness in the fingers
  • Slower reactions in your fingers and hands
  • Loss of strength and mobility in your fingers

Treatments for hand pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand pain that is related to carpal tunnel usually requires professional treatment. There are different options for treatment depending on the severity of your condition, but physical therapy helps in most cases.

Physical therapists can examine your hands and wrists to determine the best methods of treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending on your needs, treatment may include:

  • Exercises and stretches to help strengthen the muscles around the nerve
  • Hot and cold treatments for reducing pain
  • Guidance for better wrist and hand position during activities like typing or using heavy machinery.

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