Did you know SSOR serves Mission, KS too?

Physical Therapy in Mission, KS

SSOR has worked very hard to earn a solid reputation as the physical therapy provider of choice in Overland Park and Prairie Village.  We draw from several other communities as well however.  Did you know that SSOR Prairie Village is just minutes away from Mission, KS?
The staff at the Prairie Village location has many services including:

        • Sports Performance
        • Running Analysis
        • Physical Therapy Check Up
        • Golf Swing Analysis

Our newest location is just 5 miles away from Mission, KS!

Check out what a recent patient from Mission, KS had to say about her treatment at SSOR:
Jamie Martens of  Mission, KS writes: ” I started seeing John Smith at SSORKC in November of 2013 after battling back, hip, and leg pain for over a year. A radiologist’s read of a hip MRI conducted in December 2012 indicated no structural damage. I am very active and participate in softball, flag football, basketball, running, and cycling. I had just finished competing at the National Duathlon Championships and qualified for Worlds 2014 but finally admitted I needed help with the pain. John worked with me for over 8 weeks and recognized that something wasn’t right and urged me to see a hip specialist. After consulting with 3 orthopedic surgeons, John’s suspicion was confirmed – torn labrum of the right hip (radiologist missed that in the December 2012 MRI). Surgery was scheduled for January 24, 2014 and John continued working with me right up to surgery. Five days after surgery, I resumed seeing John with the goal of competing at the National Duathlon Championships on July 19 in order to hopefully qualify for Wolds 2015 since I had to miss the Worlds in 2014. Plus, John knows that I want to return to all my other sports and tailored my physical therapy toward those goals. I recently had a 4-month post-op evaluation with John and because of the personal training program he provided, I passed with flying colors! I would highly recommend John Smith and SSORKC. Their personal attention is invaluable and has me back to doing the things I love.”

As you can see, our patients expect and demand results quickly.  We have a very goal-oriented population at SSOR.  Whether you want to compete in multi-sport events like the testimonial above or just being able to play with your grandkids without pain, the physical therapists at SSOR can help.  It would be a privilege to partner with you in your care.  Give us a call!  Remember, you can see a physical therapist in Kansas without a physician referral.