Physical therapy treatments you can find in Overland Park, KS

Physical Therapy Treatments

You may need to see a physical therapist if you live with chronic pain or if you’ve been injured. Physical therapy treatments can help people with all kinds of physical conditions.

At Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SSOR), our physical therapists are skilled in treating a variety of conditions. We use many different techniques and tools to help our patients reach their recovery goals.

Four physical therapy treatments we use at SSOR

If you’re interested in physical therapy for treating an injury or condition, it helps to know more about how the treatments work. Here are four common treatments that our physical therapists use with many of our patients:

  • Manual therapy — Sometimes referred to as hands-on therapy, manual therapy involves many subsets of methods that require the use of your physical therapist’s hands. These methods include joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, strain-counterstrain and more. These techniques are used to help reduce pain and improve your range of motion.
  • Dry needling — Dry needling is a treatment that looks similar to acupuncture but is grounded in medically proven techniques. Physical therapists can use a sterilized needle to release the tension in your muscles. Your physical therapist can identify the trigger points that cause this tension and will carefully insert a needle to help reduce the pain.
  • Massage therapy — A massage from a physical therapist can help loosen stiff muscles, reduce pain and relieve stress. You have many options for places to get a massage, but a massage from a licensed physical therapist is different. A physical therapist is trained to identify sources of pain and administer massage techniques that can reduce this pain without causing further harm.
  • Ultrasound — Ultrasound waves can be used to warm up tissues deep under your skin. Warming up these tissues helps soothe pain and reduce inflammation and swelling. Ultrasound is used for a variety of conditions. For example, it can help someone recover from a traumatic injury or it may reduce pain and inflammation in people with arthritis.

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