Should I go get a balance and gait assessment?

Balance and Gait Assessment

A balance and gait assessment is conducted to determine whether an individual has common fall risk factors. The goal of the testing is to identify any risk factors and implement interventions to reduce the risk of falling. The assessment helps physical therapists identify any restrictions or asymmetries in movement patterns, including those contributing to poor balance or an abnormal gait pattern. This test is for anyone at any age.

This type of assessment is essential because many people have poor balance or abnormal gait patterns without even realizing it.


What happens during a balance and gait assessment?

A balance and gait assessment is an evaluation by a physical therapist that helps determine what impairments contribute to your balance and walking difficulties. The therapist will also look at your strength, flexibility, range of motion and visual skills.

During the assessment, you will be asked to perform various activities that involve standing, walking and turning around.


3 reasons why you may need a physical therapist to do a balance and gait assessment

Some people may not realize they need to make their balance and gait more stable. Here are three reasons you might feel encouraged to seek a balance and gait assessment from a physical therapist:

  1. You fall frequently — If you fall frequently, it’s crucial to find out why. Sometimes falls can result from an underlying medical issue like diabetes or arthritis. Other times they can be caused by dizziness or vision problems. Your physical therapist will want to know about your medical history and current medications before recommending any treatment for your falls.
  2. You want to improve daily activities — If you’re having trouble with normal daily activities like walking, getting dressed, bathing and going to the bathroom, it’s time to see a physical therapist and have a balance and gait assessment done. Depending on the results, you may benefit from physical therapy.
  3. You want to improve your walking speed and stride length — Gait assessments help determine how well you walk, including how fast you walk and the length of each stride. This method can help identify problems that make it challenging to walk effectively or safely, such as uneven strides or abnormal foot movement patterns.



SSOR physical therapists are experts at assessing balance and gait issues

If you are experiencing challenges walking and maintaining balance, visit our SSOR team for a free screening. Your physical therapist will devise a perfect program for your body after a series of diagnostic, imaging and functional tests. The treatment will typically involve addressing issues with your strength and posture that are affecting your gait. Feel comfortable walking with fewer incumbrances in the steps you take.


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